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Who is DevsCenter?

We are a global community of developers who are constantly learning, sharing advice, and growing together.

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FREE Webinars, Academies, & Courses

FREE Webinars, Academies, & Courses

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Here are some frequently asked questions about DevsCenter

What does it cost?

Nothing, It’s FREE! Join the community and start gaining a network of like-minded people and get practical experience as you go that will help you land your next job.

What are the requirements?

We require that members:

  • Be willing to SHARE knowledge in new technologies who want to become influencers and leaders.
  • Want to LEARN and expand your knowledge.
  • Strive to BOOST your career and become the next generation of professionals
Do I have to be in the US?

No, our community lives online, so you can live where ever you want.

Want to meet up? We do some in-person events in the US and Mexico because that is where most of our current members are located.

What is the purpose?
  • We are committed to helping developers connect with others around the globe to share advice, experience, and opportunities.
  • We want to guide the next generation of developers to learn cutting-edge technologies and improve communication through academies and workshops.
  • We want to inspire leaders through our mentoring program.
What can I gain?
  • Code Review/Advice Chatrooms 
  • Community Meetups
  • Mentoring “Boost” Programs
  • Opportunity Newsletters
  • English Workshops
  • Development Bootcamps
  • Advanced Academies

Still have questions? Send us a note!

For any other questions, send us an email @ or send us a message on one of our social media platforms!